Childbirth Preparation

Educating yourself on the different elements of childbirth will ease your anxiety during the labor process, help you make informed care decisions, and improve your ability to enjoy the amazing experience of childbirth.

This is a one day course  that is held on a Saturday from 10:00am - 4:00pm. $125.00

Content Covered:
  • Preparing for Labor 
  • Role of your support person throughout the Labor Process
  • Anatomy and physiology of Labor and Delivery
  • Stages and phases of labor, what to expect and how to manage
  • When to call your physician
  • Relaxation, breathing techniques,  comfort measures and positioning
  • Medical Options for Pain Management
  • Potential labor and birth interventions (Includes C-section deliveries)
  • After birth care for Mom and Baby
  • Preparation for Baby

Newborn Care 

A new baby can be a true joy, but the first few months can be somewhat confusing and challenging. This class will provide you the information to prepare for this stage of your baby's life, ease your anxiety and build confidence.

This class is held on a weekday evening from 6pm - 8:30pm.  $55.00

Content Covered:
  • Newborn appearance and development
  • Basics of caring for a newborn
  • Sleep and feeding schedules, issues and solutions
  • Keeping baby safe.
  • Crying and comforting
  • What to expect from your pediatrician visits
  • Circumcision and Cord Care
  • Bathing, Diapering and Skin Care


Breastfeeding is best for your baby and its good for your health. It's not always easy, but with the helpful information we provide, the process can be much smoother for Mom and Baby. This is a Breastfeeding 101 course for your best chances at success. Both partners are encouraged to attend!

This class is held on a weekday evening from 6pm - 8:30pm. $55.00

Content Covered:
  • Benefits to Mom and Baby
  • Role of the support person
  • First feedings in the hospital and at home
  • Mother and Baby positioning and latching
  • How to tell if your infant is getting  enough
  • How milk is made, storing and supplies.
  • Infant feeding cues
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Prevention  and solutions for common problems 
  • Back to work transition
  • When to call for help