This course  is held once a month on a Saturday from 10am - 4pm. It is a full 6 hours, however we take two short breaks and a 30 minute lunch. A handbook  is included and will be delivered to your doorstep the week prior to class.  You will recieve the Zoom link and instructions via email several days prior to class.  Please see content details under the Classes Offered tab.                 
                                Saturday May 22  10am - 4pm                                 Saturday Sept 25 10am - 4pm                                
Saturday June 26 10am - 4pm                                  Saturday Oct 16 10am - 4pm                                
                                Saturday July 24 10am - 4pm                                    Saturday Nov 13 10am - 4pm                                
                                Saturday Aug  28 10am - 4pm                                   Saturday Dec 11 10am - 4pm                              
NEWBORN CARE:  This class  is currently on a Tuesday evening after typical work hours.  Feel free to take all your classes in one month or spread them out over several months, whatever works best for your schedule.  Your handbook is delivered to your door and covers the first year of baby's life.   Look for the Zoom link and instructions via email a few days prior to class.  For content details please go to the Classes Offered tab.
                                    Tuesday May 25 6pm - 8:30pm                            Tuesday Sept 28 6pm - 8:30pm                                    

                                    Tuesday June  29 6pm - 8:30pm                         Tuesday Oct 19  6pm - 8:30pm                                    
                                    Tuesday July 27 6pm - 8:30pm                            Tuesday Nov 16 6pm - 8:30pm                                    
                                    Monday Aug 30 6pm - 8:30pm                             Tuesday Dec 14 6pm - 8:30pm                                   
This class  is currently on a Wednesday  evening.  Feel free to have any support person attend.   It will be accompanied by a handbook that will be delivered to your door.  Look for the Zoom link and instructions via email a few days prior to class. Please see Classes Offered tab for content detail.                                                                           

                                      Wednesday May 26 6pm - 8:30pm                       Wednesday Sept 29 6pm - 8:30pm                                                           
                                      Wednesday June 30 6pm - 8:30pm                      Wednesday Oct 20 6pm - 8:30pm                                       
                                      Wednesday July 28 6pm - 8:30pm                        Wednesday Nov 17 6pm - 8:30pm                                   
                                      Tuesday Aug 31 6pm - 8:30pm                              Wednesday Dec 15 6pm - 8:30pm